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Boris Grundl has achieved a lightning career as a top manager and management expert – and this despite having suffered a heavy blow of fate. This stirring conference speaker is one of Europe’s elite trainers. The secret of his success: he has brought the art of managing himself and others to the highest level. More than 200 top executive managers believe in the top leadership coach. He is a much sought-after speaker, author and guest lecturer at many Universities. As a top sportsman in wheelchair rugby he was the best European player of his class. Thanks to his management system “Leading simple – management can be so easy” (available both as a book and as an audio-book with practical manual) many companies have learnt how to systematically develop their employees’ potential. The result: job satisfaction, growth and efficiency. Brilliantly simple!

A Phenomenal Story:

Boris Grundl is an impressive personality: he has managed to achieve what many would consider impossible. He had an accident when, a 25-year-old top athlete, he broke his cervical spine and became an invalid. Despite all his handicaps, within just a few years he had become marketing and sales director in a large European company. Today he shares his extraordinary experiences through power presentations, seminars, coaching sessions and books.

His references confirm his unique position amongst the top speakers. No-one is credited with more authenticity and profoundness.

His ability to move others, to touch and inspire them, is unique. He speaks in straightforward terms but always with a sense of humour and always managing to make his point precisely.

Keynote Speaker Boris Grundl – Anwers On Leadership

References & Testimonials

His well-known clients include: Deutsche BP, Telekom, Daimler AG, Microsoft, Deutsche Bank, SAP, T-Com, Novartis, Hewlett Packard, AWD, Sparkasse, TRW, Inline, Hellmann Logistics, Chiron Vaccines, Fresenius Medical Care, Atos Worldline, T-Systems.

“Boris Grundl tells it like it is: clearly, understandably, authentically!” 
Dr. Marcos Arias, Head of International Sales, IVF HARTMANN AG

“The story of his life shows how much power and confidence can be mobilised in a person. Mr. Grundl and his lifetime achievements present an important model for us all.”
Rolf Benz, furniture-maker

“The highly professional way of working with people that Boris Grundl masters - and which he can bring others to learn – fascinates and convinces me.”
Thomas Grossenbacher, GF Unirenova

“Clear, simple insights which can be rapidly put into practice. Boris Grundl is living proof that a person can draw strength and motivation from even the most severe setbacks and continue his own personal development.”
Thomas Keller, Deutsche Bank MdGL company client

Lecture Topics: The Top 5

1. Effective Management
The three pillars of effective management: how you can successfully manage
yourself, manage others and allow others to manage. The path to becoming an
authentic top manager.

2. The Gift Of Free Will
How to become boss in your own head and develop 
a better understanding of yourself and to others. 

3. Leadership Kept Simple 
How to use a systematic approach to release potential – your own and that of other people. 

4. The Magic Of Change
How to turn the negative into the positive. 
How to successfully implement change.

5. The Power Of Language
Dive into the world of unconscious language programming.
Gain insight into the highest art of communication.

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Boris Grundl, keynote speaker and "the developer" (Harvard Business Manager)

Grundl Leadership Akademie

Boris Grundl
Vortragsredner und "Menschenentwickler" (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Das neue Buch

Verstehen ist der Erfolgsfaktor der Zukunft. Wer tief versteht, sieht klarer, erkennt, worum es im Kern geht, und trifft die besten Entscheidungen. Und wer tiefer verstehen will, muss überhaupt nicht einverstanden sein. Egal, ob es dabei um Wirtschaft, Politik, Gesellschaft oder Familie geht.

Boris Grundl zeigt, wie wir uns von oberflächlichem Schwarz-Weiß-Denken verabschieden und unseren Charakter formen. Wir lernen, wie wir klug hinhören, differenziert bewerten, Perspektiven wechseln und unsere Sicht erweitern. Wer verstanden hat, handelt aus Überzeugung. So bekommen wir Haltung, sind innerlich frei – und gewinnen.

Verstehen heißt nicht einverstanden sein
Wer versteht, gewinnt!
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